Collection: About me

I was born in Tahiti, in French Polynesia. I've been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil in my hands. I used to try to imitate my parents on the back of the shop. They painted on fabric and I painted on paper. The fact that I could transfer nature onto a 2D medium fascinated me. The colors were infinite and the shapes were created as the pencil glided along. 

However, I chose never to study painting because the few art teachers I had discouraged me from pursuing studies in this field. Self-taught, I learnt from books, videos, photos, from advice of my family and above all through experimentation and exploration.

For several years I searched in vain my style. I couldn't find the one that sparkled to me. So I took a break from painting to study drama and dance. This taught me improvisation and how not to judge myself so much as to be fair and critical with my work. 

In 2016, someone told me to paint the way I saw the world, with its colors, shades and shapes. That's when I realized that surrealism and illustration were the perfect way to convey my creative impulses. So little by little I mixed my vision of the world with the ones of my dreams, which are a direct gateway to the subconscious. Where the best and the worst are hidden. Where even our fears can take on an almost fairy-tale-like quality.